You can use the “Countdown” component to give importance to a particular event date.
You can choose between two layouts:

  • Layout 1
  • Layout 2
  • How to add the “Countdown” component

    If you want to use it you have to follow these simple steps:

    • Go in the backend editor (Visual Composer) and click on the “+”
    • Go in “Nikdark Shortcodes” and choose “Countdown”
    • In the Settings window, you have to choose six parameters:
    • Date Write the event date with this format “June 06, 2017”
      Layout Choose Layout 1 or Layout 2
      Show Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds Check what you want to be visible
      Number Color Choose the color of the number with the color selector
      Columns Choose how many columns you want (1,2,3,4)
      Choose Color If you pick “Yes”, choose the ‘Days/Hours/Minutes/Seconds’ color
    • When you have choose your parameters, click on “Save Changes”.

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