Drop Caps

If you what to add a drop caps in your text you have to insert a <span> with your first letters inside in the “text” mode ( not visual) of your text editor:

    • Layout 1
      Please insert this code:

      <span class="white nicdark_dropcap nicdark_bg_orange nicdark_radius_circle nicdark_shadow">L</span>


    • Layout2
      Please insert this code:

      <span class="white nicdark_dropcap nicdark_bg_yellow nicdark_radius nicdark_shadow">L</span>


    • Layout 3
      Please insert this code:

      <span class="red nicdark_dropcap nicdark_radius nicdark_shadow">L</span>


You can use this classes if you what to change the style:

nicdark_dropcap mandatory to define the style of dropcap
white The class of the color defines the text color of your letter. You can use: white, yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green and you will set the colors of this classes in Theme Option > colors
nicdark_radius_circle Defines the shape of the background of the letter, in this case a circle.

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