Pop Up – Top Header

If you want to add a Pop up window in your Top Header follow these simple steps:

  • Go inĀ  Theme option > Header > Top Header > Enable Window Pop Up lt-popup1
  • Paste the code that you whant to see in the pop-up. You can find the demo content here.
  • Insert the class nicdark_mpopup_window and the link #nicdark_window_pop_up to your A tag in “Right Content”.
    For example, in our demo, we have linked the pop up to the text “CHOOSE LANGUAGES” in the right content and the code will be:
<a class="nicdark_mpopup_window white title" href="#nicdark_window_pop_up">CHOOSE LANGUAGES</a>
  • where you have to replace the href with your link, for example href=”http://www.my-site-url.com/es”

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